Agricultural automation for the 21st Century. Cyrus McCormick, the inventor of the mechanical reaper, would no doubt be impressed by the automation that may be achieved with a tiny piece of electronics and a Website to drive it all.

The Economist writes: "Just as the mechanical reaper transformed the economics of cereal farming, a new wave of agricultural automation promises to do the same in other areas of horticulture."

We believe automation will be the biggest thing to happen to the industry since the tractor. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Our agricultural automation products include

Dryer Control

Monitors whether a grain dryer is running and sends a text or email if the dryer goes off. Optionally, authorized personal may also turn the dryer off using only a Web browser or cell phone.

Feed Monitor

Monitors feed levels. Notifications for warning and critical levels may be sent via email or text message and an API is also available by which commodity vendors may access and respond to feed level alerts.

Water Miser

Collect data on weather, moisture levels, and irrigation to be analyzed by a water management professionally, and optionally remote control the pivot to reduce wasted water and save on fuel.

Custom Development

Have a big idea? We offer full-spectrum development for hardware automation projects including Web and desktop applications, embedded hardware and software using the Raspberry Pi and other great devices.

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